Info Bulletin No.1 (September 2018)

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This bulletin is to keep the community informed about construction work associated with the Awa Street Wastewater Pump Station Force Main and Sewer Improvements – Waiakamilo Road Trunk Sewer Project. It will be published to monthly by the City & County of Honolulu, Department of Environmental Services (ENV), its Construction Management consultant, Yogi Kwong Engineers, LLC (YKE); and its general contractor, FV Coluccio Construction Company, Inc. (FVCCC). Updates and more detailed information will be posted on the project website. To request hard copies of the monthly information bulletins please call the project hotline at (808) 219-7009.


This project involves construction of a new gravity trunk sewer system between School Street and Nimitz
Hwy, along Waiakamilo Rd, Houghtailing St., and several side streets (see attached project map). The
extent of work is as follows:

  • 6,000 linear feet of new 42-inch and 54-inchdiameter gravity sewer pipelines;
  • 500 linear feet of new 8-inch and 12-inch diametergravity sewer pipelines;
  • 23 new sewer manholes;
  • 16 microtunneling shafts;
  • 19 temporary sewer bypass systems;
  • 4 water line relocations;
  • 3 gas line relocations;
  • Various other site work and restorations.

Open-cut trench construction will be used to install the 8-inch and 12-inch diameter gravity sewer pipelines and the various utility relocations that are necessary to constructing the new trunk sewer system.

The new 42-inch and 54-inch diameter pipelines will be installed using a pipeline construction method called microtunneling. Microtunneling only requires excavations, (a.k.a. microtunneling shafts) at manhole locations. A microtunneling machine with the same diameter as the new sewer pipe will bore a tunnel between the microtunneling shafts while the new pipe is simultaneously put into place behind it.


The contract Notice-To-Proceed was issued to FVCCC June 27, 2018, enabling the contractors to begin the various tasks required before starting construction.
The substantial completion deadline for this project is June 25, 2020. All new sewer pipelines need to be installed and able to transport wastewater by the completion date. Various construction closeout activities (e.g. pavement and landscaping restoration, punch-list work, etc.) are not contractually required to be completed by June 2020 and may continue for several months after substantial completion.


Preliminary work such as surveying and potholing to confirm locations of existing underground utilities began in late August. The level of activity will increase during September and transition into significant construction activities by October 2018. Heavy construction will continue through the summer of 2020.
More specific schedule updates of planned work will be provided in subsequent information bulletins and posted on the project website.
A very aggressive schedule is required to substantially complete the project by June 2020. Construction crews will need to work at many
concurrent locations throughout the project.
Crews will need to work both day and night shifts, weekends and some holidays. Work hours will vary depending on the location of work and the type of work (see project map).


For more information about this project, please visit the project website: or call the project hotline at (808) 219-7009.