Schedule Updates

September Forecast of Work Activities

The activities listed below may take place in September. The approximate locations and work hours for these activities are provided in Info Bulletin No. 45 (September 2022).
  • Restoration of pavement.

Overall Project Schedule and Work Hours

The contract Notice-To-Proceed was issued June 27, 2018 and heavy construction is scheduled to continue through the Spring of 2022. A very aggressive schedule is required to substantially complete the project. Construction crews will need to work at many concurrent locations throughout the project. Crews will need to work both day and night shifts, weekends and some holidays. Work hours will vary depending on the location of work and the type of work.

Traffic Updates for September

Restorative work will require relatively isolated lane closures at several locations on Houghtailing St., Dillingham Blvd., and/or School St. Access to driveways will be maintained via right turn motions from the travel lanes fronting them; however, access to some driveways via left turn motions may not be available due to the presence of work area closures.

Along Houghtailing St.., Dillingham Blvd., and School St., only daytime work will occur.

Project Hotline: (808) 219-7009